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TRUE or FALSE: The brain develops more rapidly from birth to age three than at any other time of life.

TRUE or FALSE: The economic benefits of quality early childhood interventions are significant – producing a $14 – $17 return for every dollar invested.

TRUE or FALSE: A child growing up in poverty who has experienced high quality early education is 40% less likely to require special education or be held back a grade, 30% more likely to graduate from high school, and twice as likely to go to college.

All of these statements are TRUE!  For these reasons and many more, we are committed to increasing awareness about the importance of the early years of a child’s life and the work each of our organizations does to influence the lives of families with young children. 

So what?

Are you interested in the ever-changing landscape of what is going on with early childhood in Massachusetts?  This is where you can find the voice of six organizations in one location (see the “who are we” page).  We will be blogging based on our work and the happenings of early childhood events throughout the city. We will blog about our thoughts and issues that are important to us.  We want to hear your thoughts as well; comment, tell us what is going on with you, what is your opinion? Let us hear it.  Laughs, questions, new perspectives, resources – in the end, these are a few things that we hope you will take from this blog.

Now what?

Read on! Check in! Add that RSS feed! We will be updating the blog on a weekly basis (the voice changes each week) and will be updating our resources page with lots of useful information (interesting articles, handy tools and even more).

We love to host and hope you will visit us often!


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